All digital, print and editorial advertising. Includes agencies or individuals creating work promoting themselves or their clients.

Booklet + Annual Report

Multiple page/panel printed material. Includes promotional material, comprehensive reports of a company's activities for the preceding year, and CD and DVD case inserts.

Identity System

All things conveying a company's cohesive look and feel. Includes logo design, business cards, letterhead, website, menu, etc.


Informational design in an environment. Includes signage (event, directional, gallery, etc.), kiosks, interactive installations, in-store/window displays, trade show booths, etc.


All digital, traditional, and editorial illustration.


Identity mark.

Mobile + Tablet Design

Any design specifically created for use on smartphones and handheld devices such as apps, games, e-books, digital publishing, social network applications and extensions, interactive sales presentations, etc.


Packaging from a product or commercial item as a single entry or in a campaign.


Includes all poster design.


All digital, traditional and editorial photography.

Pro Bono

Work for a non-profit or not-for-profit; or, work done that fits in the spirit of AIGA's Design for Good.


Printed material including books and book covers, magazine and catalog covers and spreads, newspapers, etc.

Video + Motion Graphics

Includes commercials, title sequences, games, mobile experiences and animation.

Websites + Microsites

Websites used for any purpose (including advertising, news, e-commerce, education and entertainment, etc.) that utilize web browser-based technologies.

Student Work

Any of the categories above completed by an undergraduate, graduate, community college or high school student for class projects, or projects for student organizations and publications.